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On Thursday, the internet lit up with speculation over what the hell happened to the iconic dorm room at the University of Minnesota’s Bradley University.

According to multiple reports, the school was going to close its doors for good.

The school, founded in 1884, was originally a Jesuit-run institution, but after the Civil War, it became a Catholic-run private institution.

In 1883, Bradley became a private school, but was closed in 1919 by the state of Minnesota, after being cited for financial malfeasance.

At the time, the university was known for its innovative academics, including a $100,000 scholarship for African-American students.

In 1920, the Bradley campus was purchased by the University System of Minnesota in a deal that included $40 million in state tax credits.

At first, it was only a two-year deal, but it was later extended for another five years.

The purchase came at a time when the university faced financial difficulties, but its reputation for innovative research and teaching led it to get a $5.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education in the 1980s to continue its research and education programs.

After that, the campus was closed for good, but not before a lot of interesting stuff had happened.

The first dorm room to be purchased was a $150,000 room in a warehouse, which is now the building at the center of the debate over what happened to it.

What was the building used for?

Bradley had been the home of a long line of college campuses.

Originally called the University and College of St. Paul, it has now been split into three separate buildings: Bradley University, the School of Architecture, and the Bradley Center for the Arts.

The Bradley Center was the largest and most famous of the buildings at the university, but the school also had a number of smaller buildings including the Center for Women in Higher Education, which served as a women’s college, and a small gymnasium on the campus.

The original Bradley Center is now used as a storage and office space, but Bradley students have complained that it’s too small to house a large lecture hall and a wide variety of other spaces.

How old was the Bradley University building?

The original campus was constructed in 1885.

The building was built on the site of a former schoolhouse, which had been used as the headquarters of the St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in nearby St. Cloud.

The St. Joe’s church was demolished in the 1950s, and in 1960, the property was purchased for $2.3 million by the State of Minnesota.

The property was renamed Bradley University in 1978, after the college.

Where is the Bradley Museum of Art?

Located at the Bradley Institute, the museum was opened in 1968.

Since then, it’s been the focus of a lot more controversy.

It’s currently the focus for protests, but earlier this year, the State Board of Education passed a resolution calling on the Bradley administration to reopen the museum.

The State Board said that the Bradley museum’s collection was in danger of being removed to a museum in St. Louis, Missouri, after a series of lawsuits by the families of the students who died in the fire in 1968 at the school.

Who owns the Bradley Archives?

The archives are currently housed at the Minnesota Historical Society.

Are there any other schools with Bradley dorm rooms?

Bradley has many other college campuses across the country, including St. John’s College, which houses a small, private university in Brooklyn, New York.

There is also a small college in South Bend, Indiana.