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— University of California, Berkeley has joined the list of universities offering free full-time tuition to undergraduate students.

The move will increase the number of universities in the state offering tuition for students at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, university officials said Tuesday.UC Berkeley’s plan follows similar efforts at other campuses across the nation.

The new policy was announced Tuesday as part of a nationwide effort to make college more affordable.

It comes amid a rising tide of demand for college-educated Americans, many of whom are seeking higher education for the first time.

UC Berkeley, with a student body of more than 11,000, is one of two California universities to join the initiative.

About 7 percent of California residents earn at least $100,000 annually, the university said.

The university said that students in the bachelor and master degree programs would be able to pay tuition for their courses at up to a maximum of $40,000 per year.

That would include up to an additional $2,500 for tuition for upper-level courses and $2 to $4,000 for graduate and professional programs.UC-Berkeley said it would provide the first tuition waiver for undergraduate students with a bachelor’s degree, but it said the waiver would not apply to graduate or professional students.UC students who enroll in UC-Berkeleys Bachelor of Science degree programs or master’s degrees can expect to pay $41,849 annually, according to UC officials.

UC students with graduate and undergraduate degrees can pay between $37,928 and $52,958 annually, they said.

Students who complete their degree in the fall can expect $30,098 annually in tuition, the officials said.

Students can enroll in the program by registering online, attending a campus-wide orientation and signing up for the UC-Bachelor of Arts degree online, the school said.

The program will begin in January and culminate with graduation in July 2019.

“We’re committed to making UC Berkeley’s undergraduate and graduate programs accessible to as many students as possible, regardless of their ability to pay,” UC Chancellor Carol Christ said in a statement.

A full list of the campuses offering tuition waivers is available at

Earlier this month, University of Alabama President Jeff Baden-Powell said he was willing to offer students a tuition waiver in exchange for a two-year degree, though he did not specify how much tuition would be waived.

Several universities in Florida are considering tuition waivers as well.