University students ‘lose interest in life’ after visiting ‘haunted’ house December 10, 2021 December 10, 2021 admin

The student body at Indian universities is reportedly experiencing a decline in interest in their studies after visiting a haunted house.

The students, who attended the school on an academic tour, have reportedly begun to lose interest in attending classes, according to The Times of India.

The school has reportedly shut down after the students became disillusioned with the school’s administration, the newspaper reported.

The student body was reportedly forced to cancel its tour on October 16.

Students have reportedly been receiving “horror” letters and have been given an ultimatum to either attend classes or leave.

The students have reportedly told students that they cannot continue their academic study if they do not return to the school.

According to the students, they are considering cancelling their tour if they are not given any explanation for the “unpleasant” situation at the school, The Times Of India reported.