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Cars in the U.S. have been getting bigger and more expensive over the last few years.

That has led to more accidents and deaths.

But now, a new report shows that car insurance costs are growing faster than those of most other developed countries.

In 2017, car insurers paid out more than $13 billion in claims.

Here are the top 10 countries that charge the most for car insurance: 1.

United States: $13.3 billion (source: Insurance Research Council) 2.

Canada: $11.9 billion (Source: Canadian Institute of Financial Research) 3.

Mexico: $9.7 billion (Sources: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) 4.

Brazil: $8.6 billion (via Credit Suisse) 5.

South Korea: $7.9 $7 billion 6.

United Kingdom: $6.6 $6 billion 7.

Germany: $5.9 trillion (Source.

National Insurance Institute) 8.

Australia: $4.6 trillion (via Institute of Economic Affairs) 9.

Spain: $3.8 trillion (Via the Insurance Institute of Japan) 10.

United Arab Emirates: $2.3 trillion (by Credit Suise) What makes car insurance in the United States different?

The U., U.K., and the U-A are the most expensive countries to insure in the world.

But car insurance prices in those countries are also among the lowest in the developed world.

According to the latest data from the Insurance Research Center, the U’s average cost for a collision is $1,200, while the U.-A is $743.

This is the second year in a row that the U has been the cheapest to insure, with a rate of $1.60 per collision in 2018.

But the U and U- A are among the least expensive countries in the OECD to insure.

The OECD countries are Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

The average rate for insurance in Switzerland is $3,624, while in Germany, Italy and Spain it is $4,977.

The highest insurance costs in the top three countries are in the Netherlands ($3,716), France ($4,547), and the United Kingdom ($4.3 million).

Compare that to the U., which is the cheapest country to insure worldwide, averaging $1 per collision.

Why does it cost more to insure cars in the West?

In most developed countries, car insurance is mandatory.

It’s the cheapest thing you can buy to insure your car and your family.

But in the developing world, people who don’t drive often don’t have insurance and, if they do, they can get it cheap.

In the U, a driver in the European Union costs the average U. S. family an average of $13,700 per year to insure their vehicle, according to a 2017 report from the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

The U-Pesa project, which has raised $3 billion for CARB, will help countries around the world get more people insured.

In 2018, the World Health Organization estimates that the global average cost of car insurance for a family of four was $2,068.

The cost of insurance for people over the age of 65 has risen to $4 for the first time.

Car insurance is cheaper in the Western world because the number of people driving in developed countries is smaller.

According a study from Credit Suisses, the average number of miles driven per year in developed nations is 3.5 million, compared to 5.6 million for developing nations.