BYU students say they’re being bullied for speaking out on campus July 7, 2021 July 7, 2021 admin

WASHINGTON (AP) A student group at BYU has accused administrators of “bullying” them for criticizing a professor’s use of the word “rape.”

In a letter to BYU President Robert Jessop and Provost Dan Evans, the student group, the Provost’s Student Body, said the “administrative harassment” began last fall when the professor, J.D. Sorenson, used the word rape on the classroom podium at the university.

They asked for a response to the incident, which the university said last week had not been made public.

“The administration has continued to silence, shame, and punish the Provosons student body members who spoke out against this offensive and offensive language,” the letter said.

“The Provoson administration has also targeted members of the BYU Provosts student body, which is comprised of only two members and three alumni.”

The letter, signed by more than 80 students, was the latest example of the university’s handling of sexual assault allegations.

Students have filed several Title IX complaints with the university, which declined to comment on the situation.

“We are deeply concerned about BYU’s ongoing harassment of BYU students who speak out against sexual violence,” said the letter from the ProvOSTs Student Body.

“We hope you will understand that we have a right to speak out about this, and we hope that you will support our right to do so.”

Jessop said in a statement to The Associated Press that he had “no information” about the situation but added, “We must all stand together in the fight against sexual assault.

BYU stands with all of our students.”