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MARYVILLE University has launched a competition for students who want to study at Pepperdine University’s Bar and Dining Club.

It is open to anyone aged 18 or over.

The bar’s first semester students can start at the end of March and will study at the university’s dining and bar centre for the next six months.

The competition is open now, and students are required to submit their applications in order to be considered.

Bar and Dine Club co-founder and principal professor Brian Mancuso said the university would have a very limited number of slots open for students to study.

“We’re looking for a very, very large number of people,” he said.

“There’s a minimum of 12 students and that’s very conservatively and within the limit of the students that we have.”

It’s not a competition between people who are going to apply but if you can apply to the university, it’s very much about the university and what the school is all about.

“Pepperdines graduate programme is based at the Pepperdines Institute of Technology and includes the Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Business Administration.

The university is hoping that the competition will give students the chance to take up studies with Pepperdiners, which they describe as a “global research and training centre”.

The competition also seeks to create a “world-class student experience”.

The university’s graduate programme at PepperDines, which has a total of 1,300 students, is led by a team of 25 graduate students and six professors.