Which universities have the most alumni in the world? October 12, 2021 October 12, 2021 admin

The UK has more than 200,000 alumni, but only three of the top 10 countries have alumni in all the countries that share a common language.

This includes Russia, Estonia and Poland.

The number of people who have had an influence on their countries’ national life is far lower than in the UK.

This is despite the fact that these countries have many alumni, according to the Global Study of the World’s Best Universities, a report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

There were only 4,927 alumni from the UK who were in the top 100, with Estonia, Latvia and Estonia also in the bottom 10.

This may be down to the relatively small number of UK graduates from the university system compared with their counterparts in other European countries.

The average UK graduate had a family income of $75,000 (£47,500) and a household savings of $1.1 million (£1.05 million), according to IISS.

That is the equivalent of the UK’s GDP per capita of $36,934 (£24,944) in 2014.

That compares to the US’s $72,200 (£59,000) per capita, which is about 1.6 times the UK average.

The UK is also much more likely to have a high proportion of alumni with a postgraduate degree, compared to other countries.

In fact, the UK has the highest proportion of graduates with a PhD (26.4 per cent) of any country.

That figure is even higher in London, where 20 per cent of graduates had a PhD in a non-top-level academic setting.

In contrast, less than 3 per cent in Singapore have a PhD, according the research.

However, graduates in other countries are more likely than those in the United Kingdom to go on to study at the highest levels of the profession.

For example, Germany’s highest-paid university graduates make up 22 per cent, while the United States (18.4%) has the lowest.

A more surprising statistic is that the UK is not far behind.

Germany has the second-highest proportion of graduate degrees with a professional degree, after France, at 34.9 per cent.

Other countries in the Top 10 with the most PhD graduates are Denmark, which has 32 per cent; Poland, at 25.4%; Germany, with 25.3%; and Sweden, with 22.3 per cent each.

These figures are based on data from the World University Rankings, a research project by IISS and the London School of Economics.