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A university is a big deal, and you probably know someone who is a huge fan of the university of California.

This is the biggest, most important university in the world, and it’s also the one where your university is named after.

But it’s not a completely formal title, and some people will say that the name is misleading.

We’ve taken a look at the facts and figures to see how the university is faring in the media.

A university of California University of California, California (UC) The name of the world’s largest university is the most commonly used, and this is one of the reasons that it’s so popular.

It’s a perfect title for a place where people go to study, where you go to do research, and where you can work.

However, there are some caveats to the idea of a university.

The main reason for the name of this place is that it is named for a famous figure from ancient times: Leonardo da Vinci.

 The university has a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages, when it was founded in 1615.

It has changed hands a number of times since, but its name remained the same.

The first university in California was founded by the British in 1708, and the university has been in existence for more than a century.

It is the oldest university in North America, and its first building was built in 1818.

It’s not clear how many people use the name Cali.

The name Calif is a popular term for California, which is an informal, informal, non-official name for California.

People say it’s an abbreviation for “California,” or “California”, or “california”.

The state of California There are a lot of different names for California – from “Cali” to “Calle” – and there are different ways to spell it.

However the name itself, and also the state, has been around for a long time.

During the California Golden Era, the name was known as the state of Cali (or “California”).

This name was taken over by the California State Legislature in 1882, and became known as “Cal” when it became the official state name.

However, it didn’t stop there.

In 1892, California became the state capital, and California became known for being the birthplace of the state’s founding fathers.

The name also stuck when the state was incorporated into the United States in 1889.

Other names for the state include “California State”, “California City”, “CALIFornia”, “Sacramento”, and “Sac”, though most people prefer the official name.

There are some places named after California as well.

“California” and the word “California” are often used interchangeably.

In the 1950s, a California law was passed that would make it illegal to refer to the state by any name other than its official name, and to make the word the name on the California state flag.

The state’s official name is “California”.

It was this change that prompted a huge change in the way California was named.

The word “Cali” was changed to “California County” in 1961.

The county was changed from Sacramento to San Francisco in 1967.

This change in pronunciation of the word changed the meaning of the name.

The “California’s” was shortened to “Cal”.

The word was shortened and changed to simply “California.”

This name has changed a number over the years.

It used to be called the State of California before it became known by its current name.

Some people refer to it as “California Bay”, “the Bay of California”, or simply “the State of Cal”, but this name is still used.

Many people still refer to “the City of California” as “Cala”.

This is an official name for the city of Sacramento, but the state and city are now called Sacramento.

Another name for Sacramento is “Sac”.

There have been changes to the name in the past, but it was not until the 1960s that the city changed its name to Sacramento.

The change in name took place in 1959, but was not officially announced until 1969.

There is a long tradition of using the name “California Capital” or “Calgary Capital”.

It was originally called “California District”, and was used by the City of Calgary until it was renamed Calgary in 1984.

The city was renamed in 1982.

Most of the times when the city changes its name is when it’s in a hurry.

In 1982, the city was in the midst of construction of the Great Northern Railway, which would take over from the Great Western Railway and be the world standard for interurban freight.

The Great Northern was a rail line that took the railway across the United Kingdom, which was a major transit hub.