Why is Ohio’s public universities spending more on football than on other sports? September 18, 2021 September 18, 2021 admin

Students at a public university in Ohio are spending more than double on athletics than their counterparts in most other states, according to a new report.

In Ohio, the University of Louisville spent more than $3,000 per student in 2016 on sports.

That figure dwarfs the average for the rest of the country, which is $2,600 per student, according the University at Buffalo’s sports spending report released Tuesday.

The report also showed that the average Ohio student spends $13,000 annually on athletics, far more than the national average.

The average Ohio public university student has an average debt of $20,800, according, the report said.

The average student at the University for the last six years has a $31,600 debt, which includes student loans.

That number also includes the debt for the cost of room and board and other expenses.