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The Bolivian government says a high school student’s death is a tragedy, but some students at a Bolivians University in the city of Puebla are not feeling so good.

More than three weeks after a 23-year-old student died in a school bus accident, some students are still not feeling quite so safe.

More: The Bolivia Ministry of Education has issued a new directive to all schools to have emergency plans in place.

Puebla, the capital of the Bolivias northeastern state of Pucallpa, has a population of about 5,500.

The Bolivia Ministry of Public Health issued the new directive Wednesday.

It states that schools must be equipped with the emergency plans to deal with any emergency and that students should not be allowed to leave their classrooms until they have had a medical check-up.

Students are told to call 911 if they are in a serious condition.

Students who do not have their own health care will be provided by local health workers, and emergency care workers will also be present at school, according to the new decree.

“It’s a very difficult situation, but it’s not an easy situation,” said Pucalpa Mayor Fernando Salazar.

The health department also said that a Bolivia National Institute of Mental Health will be established in Pucallah to provide psychological counseling to the students, as well as to provide medical care.

“The medical care will go to those students who have a serious illness,” Salazar said.

The new directives came amid growing public outrage over the Bolivia student death.

On Saturday, a student died at a public university in Pueblo.

The student had been in an accident at the Bolias Boliviana University in Pocallpa.

The university issued a statement saying that it is saddened by the death of the student and will work with the authorities to find out the circumstances surrounding the accident.

The university said that it will conduct a postmortem, and it has requested that all students and their parents come to the hospital for a physical examination.

More on the Bolives death:The Bolivia Health Ministry also said it has launched a campaign on social media, including Facebook, to urge the public to report the death to the authorities.

The school district of Puyallup, which is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Pucalla, has asked parents to report suspicious behavior by their children and to call the police if there is any suspicious activity in their home.

In a statement, Puyalla District School Board said the district is aware of the death, but the situation is still under investigation.

“We are aware of this incident and are following the investigation, but at this moment there are no other reports of an accident,” the statement said.

Puyallapacapa, the district of the city, is in Puyalpa province, which borders Colombia.