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A school is using a new technology to track the safety of its staff, using facial recognition software to track their movements.

Key points:University of Duquesne uses facial recognition technology to monitor staff safety and privacyThe technology is used by some employers to monitor safety at the university’s laboratories, labs, and campusThe technology uses biometric data to track staff safetyA new technology called “biogeomicroscopy” was developed to monitor the safety and security of staff members in Duquesnete’s laboratories.

It uses biometrics to track employees, as well as to monitor their movements and their interactions with other students and staff, including via facial recognition.

“We can get some very good data from this technology and use it to monitor where people are and what they’re doing in the classroom,” Duquesney Vice Chancellor of Technology and Innovation, Rob MacLean, told ABC News.

“We have access to a whole set of data to be able to see how people behave in the course of the day, and how they interact with others.”‘

Our students are our future’University of duquesnese’s new biometric technology can be used to track students’ movements at its laboratories, which are located at its campus in North Duquesno.

“You’re looking at students walking around, students going to the bathroom, students talking to each other, students sitting in their rooms, students doing their homework, students playing games, students interacting with staff, students communicating with staff,” Professor MacLean said.

‘Our student are our potential future’Duquesne is the first university in the US to use the technology to keep track of its workforce.

“The students are the future of our university and our students are one of the things that will allow us to build a better future for ourselves and for society,” Professor MacDonald said.

“That is the vision of this new technology.”

The university has already used the technology in a number of cases, including to monitor students at its new labs and in its campus.

“Our students, especially our freshmen, are our greatest assets.

They’re our future, they’re our teachers, they are our ambassadors, they represent the school,” Professor Macintosh said. 

“Our student will be able take care of themselves, they’ll be able learn, they can go to school, they will be part of the university community.”‘

We don’t need to worry about the technology’Duqueesne uses the technology for the safety, privacy and security purposes.

“It is really important that we don’t worry about it because it is really only the data that we have access [to], the people that we can see,” ProfessorMacLean said of the biometric system.

“What we’re really concerned about is whether our students or any of our staff is having their privacy violated by the people who are using this technology.”

If they are, we’re going to have to take that seriously.”‘

I don’t want my kids to go into a job where they can be victimized’Professor MacDonald said the university did not want to create a workplace where employees could be exploited, but it wanted to protect the safety.”

It’s important to keep our students safe’DuQueesne said it did not have a problem with biometrically tracking employees, but wanted to make sure it did so in a way that was appropriate.””

I don the school as an institution, I don’t have the ability to control who’s in my workplace.”‘

It’s important to keep our students safe’DuQueesne said it did not have a problem with biometrically tracking employees, but wanted to make sure it did so in a way that was appropriate.

“So we do have biometrical surveillance and that’s really the only way that we will be tracking our staff,” the vice chancellor said.

Students will only be able use the biometric system for research, which can take place at the Duquesnes offices, labs and campus.

Duquesney has since made the biometry data available to other universities and businesses.

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