How to change your Facebook status to ‘university at buffalo’ August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

New Delhi: University at Buffalo in New York City has changed its Facebook status from “university” to “universities” to avoid triggering ire from students.

The change was announced on Saturday by the school’s head of public relations, who told the New York Times that the change had been made to avoid a “distraction” that would be caused by a number of issues.

“We were hoping to avoid an online uproar,” she said.

“There’s no one at the school to respond to your messages.

So we thought we’d make it a bit easier for people to understand that this is a real university.”

While the university has not confirmed the change to the Times, the school is known for its close-knit community and a “unifying spirit” that is said to be shared by students.

Universities across the country have been trying to crack down on divisive content, and have banned content such as hate speech, pornography and racist content.

The University of Chicago, the University of Maryland and the University at Albany have all changed their Facebook pages to avoid provoking anger from students in the wake of the “Black Lives Matter” protests.

The change in status comes after the university announced it was pulling a film about a black college student who was brutally beaten by police that had been shot by a bystander.

Several students have filed a complaint against the school, with the school saying it will investigate and take action.

In a separate incident, a New York man was charged with “unlawful assembly” after he set off a smoke bomb at a police barricade during the Black Lives Matter protests.

While many students have been vocal about the need to change their status on Facebook, it is also understood that some students have criticised the school for allowing the controversial film to be shown at the campus.

The students who filed the complaint against Cornell University say they will continue to push for change and demand that the university make a “fair and balanced assessment” of the film.

However, they say the school has been slow to make the change.

A statement from the school said the change was made “in light of the widespread concern” of students who had not been informed about the film and that it would not change the university’s stance on the film.””

We believe that the film, and the debate it provoked, should be discussed in a respectful manner at Cornell and at other universities,” the statement said.