What the hell is going on with the West Virginias university? August 5, 2021 August 5, 2021 admin

The university has been hit by a wave of vandalism in the wake of a suicide in the school’s administration.

The university says it is investigating the incidents.

The school has a very unique location in the area, a historic building that dates back to 1804.

A new president is set to take over the school in the fall.

The university is in the midst of a massive construction project to renovate its old building, which is part of a long-term plan to turn it into a new facility.

Students are not allowed to walk inside the building because of safety concerns.

A group of students are currently occupying the building in protest.

Some students are even using the campus as a makeshift camp, holding up signs that say “WILL YOU KILL YOUR FAMILY” and “WE WILL KILL YOU.”

One student says the protesters are “not afraid to use violence” and that the university is “a safe place to learn.”

We need to make sure that the students that are here don’t feel unsafe and don’t need to fear for their lives and we want them to have safe spaces to learn and have that sense of belonging and safety.

We need that sense that they can have that experience in the building.

The students want the school to be able to reopen and have a new building open, not only for them, but for everyone, and not just for themselves.

The students are holding signs that are not only anti-suicide, but also anti-violence.

The group also says the university “doesn’t care if you have mental illness.”

The university says its investigation is ongoing.