Why Kansas State University will be one of the hottest job openings in 2019 August 4, 2021 August 4, 2021 admin


— The Kansas State University’s top job opening, according to online job boards, will be an engineering and computer sciences assistant professor.

The university announced Wednesday that Scott A. G. Thomas, associate dean for research and innovation, will become the new associate dean of the university’s engineering and technology program, which is a job that has been open for about five years.

Thomas said he plans to focus on developing students’ academic and technical skills and helping them make meaningful contributions to society.

Thomas said he has no plans to retire.

Thomas joined the university in 2008 as an associate dean, the first assistant dean to be a woman.

He has worked at the university since 2015.

He will have to complete his new position by Aug. 15.

Thomas has been the head of the engineering and computing program for about a year and has been overseeing the university system’s computer science department for almost six years.

The department is part of the Department of Computer Science, which includes engineering, physics and mathematics.

Thomas also has been in charge of the department since 2013, when he assumed the position as dean of computer science.